Aerial Photogrammetry

Aerial Photogrammetry

The use of aerial photography and remote sensing technologies, coupled with ground control, produce topographic maps and orthophotographs detailing current conditions of a given area. The information can be used for the preliminary design of roadways, site development, construction, facilities management, and utility engineering, as well as, aid or enhance GIS databases.

The use of Aerial Photogrammetry

Control Point Associates, Inc. has the ability to provide complete mapping solutions through the integration or sole solution of aerial surveys and photogrammetry. Photogrammetric Services range from the compilation of simple planimetric features such as building outlines and/or curb alignments to complex digital terrain models and orthophotography. Orthophotos are aerial photographs corrected to true scale to better service Control Point’s public and private sector clients. Control Point’s photogrammetric team have extensive experience and the technological support to provide enhanced efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness to their regional and national clients and their project goals.

Helicopter Photography

Low altitude aerial photography, flown using a helicopter instead of the traditional fixed-wing airplane, has been utilized to gather data approaching survey grade accuracy along congested areas such as roadways. This reduces the dangers of field work and protection of traffic.

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