Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (U.A.V.)

UAV Drone Services:


Control Point Associates, Inc. provides the highest quality Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) imagery for a wide range of applications. Our certified pilots and staff provide solutions using the latest unmanned aerial technologies. UAVs offer a cost-effective and convenient way to show clients an aerial view of projects, monitoring job sites to better ensure safe practices, inspections of difficult structures such as bridges, utility towers, buildings and roofs, and/or supply accurate two-dimensional (2D) or
three-dimensional (3D) deliverables.

Topographic Maps and Orthophotographs

Through the collection of survey grade data, Control Point Associates, Inc. can produce topographic maps and orthophotographs detailing current conditions of a given area for the preliminary design of roadways, site development, facilities management, utility or bridge engineering, and to aid or
enhance GIS databases.

Construction Services

Our UAV services can save you time and money during your construction projects. Offsite managers, investors, and engineers can be updated with accurate images and video on a daily or weekly basis. Our detailed imagery produces multiple layers of useful data. Control Point Associates, Inc. can help improve your jobsite efficiency, safety, and maintain project schedules and budgets.

Construction Services Include:

  • Jobsite Reports
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Jobsite Progress Tracking
  • 3D Modeling
  • Façade Restoration
  • Security and Monitoring
  • Damage Assessments

Infrared Roof Surveys

While your roof might look to be in great condition to the naked eye, there may be minor leaks that could lead to mold or structural damage. Our non-invasive infrared roof surveys detect otherwise unobservable areas of water penetration. By finding the trapped moisture in your roof membrane, and the insulation underneath, problem areas can be corrected without the expense of replacing the entire roof. Our UAVs allow us to view the results of the inspection from the ground, without having to step foot on your roof.

Aerial Photo/Video

UAV based aerial photography and videography captures larger properties and/or events that are not possible with traditional methods. From beautiful still photos to stunning HD video, we can showcase your project in a completely unique perspective that sets you apart.

Photo/Video Services Include:

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