Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective services while delivering exceptional customer service to our clients.”

Our guiding principles are our core values

Control point Core Value Chart


Quality is the foundation of Control Point Associates, Inc.  It is what we are known for – our reputation – and applies throughout the organization.

Customer Service

We exceed our client’s expectations without fail.  Our responsiveness, integrity, and time to completion validates what we’re most known for – quality – and converts a client into a referral.  Every client experiences the “Evolution of Land Surveying” and is left feeling great.


Value is derived from our ability to produce a quality work product that always meets our Standards of Excellence, by way of the most streamlined processes and procedures.  Our open, collaborative team is committed to continuous improvement to ensure optimal
organizational effectiveness.

Staff Development

Our engaged and empowered team defines the quality of our firm.  To attract the right people is critical.  Only with opportunities for professional development and retention of key individuals will the organization experience continued growth; with a team of employees genuinely devoted to our core values.

Business Development

We continuously plant seeds for sustainable growth – 1, 2, and 5 years out.  We build long-term client relationships by having every team member live up to our reputation for quality, our greatest marketing tool.

Financial Management

Every employee has direct or indirect fiscal responsibility to the company and embraces the philosophy to preserve, enhance, and maximize the company’s financial position and assets to have sustainable profitability.

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