Building Monitoring

Control Point Associates, Inc. provides building monitoring services for new construction and major renovation projects.  Our survey crews can monitor movement, deformation, and erosion at a high level of accuracy.  Demolition and foundation work on a construction project can affect nearby structures, especially landmarked buildings, due to their age.  In New York City, the Technical Policy and Procedure Notice #10/88 requires surveying and monitoring of all landmark buildings within a 90’ radius of a job site.  A monitoring plan from Control Point Associates, Inc. allows our clients to respond to structural changes before they become serious issues, improving safety and avoiding costly damage.

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Remote Monitoring

As buildings and infrastructure age, they become more susceptible to movement due to construction around them.  Engineers and contractors face increased challenges monitoring the structures they create and maintain.  Control Point Associates, Inc. can monitor a project 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with readings taken as many times per day as needed.  Tolerances can be set to send an alert if something moves beyond an established distance.
Our real-time remote monitoring services allow clients to react quickly and effectively to any structural movement.

3D Laser Scanning

Control Point Associates, Inc. has frequently utilized advanced 3D laser scanners to monitor building movement.  Using this technology provides a highly accurate scan of buildings and structures.  By setting an established position, we can take multiple scans over the course of a few months.  These subsequent scans can be overlaid on top of each other, showing any three-dimensional movement in the surfaces.  This solution is ideal for areas where physical access to the building may be restricted.

In addition to monitoring structural movement, 3D laser scanning has improved the accuracy and efficiency of determining floor flatness.  We have the capability to scan and model an entire floor surface detecting deviation as small as ¼”.  This level of accuracy benefits our clients by reducing the amount of labor and material costs required to obtain a uniform surface.

Optical Monitoring

Optical monitoring provides accurate movement data during each phase of construction.  Targets are installed at specific points on the property to establish baseline readings and values.  We will return to the site daily, weekly, or monthly to record new measurement data.  This data is then compared to the baseline readings to calculate any changes.

Control Point Associates, Inc. utilizes crack gauges to monitor visible structural cracks.  These gauges are mounted on walls, floors, and ceilings, and measure to 1mm.  Any widening, narrowing, or shifting of the crack will be measured by the gauge.  We provide our clients with detailed reports of any changes.

UAV Monitoring

Control Point Associates, Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art UAV’s to visually inspect building envelopes for cracks, deterioration, and defects.  This workflow is more efficient than traditional methods that require installation of building scaffolding, pulley systems, and manned lifts.  4K video and high-resolution photography highlights issues at incredible detail and clarity.

Infrared cameras can be utilized to acquire thermal imagery at dusk, identifying areas of concern based on the heat differences detected.  These differences could be an indication of water infiltration, deterioration of materials, or thermal leakage.

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