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CPA announces the acquisition of McLaughlin Engineering Company

Control Point Associates is delighted to announce its purchase of McLaughlin Engineering Co. based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This company has been serving the tight-knit community for the past 85 years, specializing in land surveying services, hydrographic surveys, land planning, and UAV/aerial photogrammetry. This purchase holds significant importance as it marks Control Point’s southernmost branch, reinforcing our commitment to the evolution of land surveying.

The McLaughlin Family has played a crucial role in numerous high-profile projects throughout southeast Florida, extending their outreach beyond Broward County to Palm Beach County in the north and Miami-Dade County in the south. Earlier this month, the family excitedly shared the news with their trusted clients, stating, “McLaughlin Engineering Co. is delighted to announce our partnership with Control Point Associates, a renowned National Surveying Firm. The McLaughlin Family and our dedicated staff are thrilled by this significant advancement for our brand and services.” Over the past 85 years, the family has established a robust network of clients who will seamlessly transition with them during this process.

Established in 1992, Control Point strategically operates throughout the country, providing the necessary expertise for critical projects and delivering high-quality survey documents in a cost-efficient manner. Richard A. Butkus, Jr., President and Managing Partner of Control Point, expresses his enthusiasm, explaining “We are delighted to welcome McLaughlin Engineering Co. to our organization. Collaborating with the McLaughlin family enables us to expand our presence into a completely new geographic market while enhancing our land surveying and geospatial expertise through their valuable addition to our ever-growing family.”

With the purchase of McLaughlin Engineering Company, Control Point Associates will establish its twelfth (12th) office. This new branch expands the firm’s workforce to over 210 full-time team members, comprising 55 field crews, 19 Licensed Professional Land Surveyors, and 4 Florida Surveyor and Mappers. As Control Point Associates continues to expand its presence to new locations and invest in its team members, we remain steadfast in our commitment to revolutionize the land surveying industry.