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Volumetric Survey Services

Control Point Associates, Inc. delivers survey-grade data to accurately and effectively calculate the volume of stockpiles, earthworks, landfills,
and other materials.  Our advanced, data-driven 3D laser scanning, UAV, hydrographic, and traditional survey solutions allow us to provide our
clients with accurate data for their projects.

What are Volumetric Surveys?

Volumetric surveys are topographical surveys that accurately quantify the volume of material removed from or placed at a location.
Volumetric surveys are performed for several reasons, such as obtaining volumes of material stockpiles, determining required fill,
or calculating the amount of material removed from a site.  Volumetric surveys are used by quarry operators, contractors, and waste disposal facilities.

Our volumetric survey solutions determine:

  • The amount of material removed from quarries, mines, excavations, and contaminated sites
  • Measurements of stone, asphalt, scrap steel, rock salt, and industrial solid waste
  • Airspace volume in landfills
  • The capacity of dams, excavation ponds, and lakes
  • Landscape and gardening stockpiles
  • Volumes of imported material for quantity verification
  • Topsoil removed from a new construction project
  • Square-meter calculation of placed asphalt
  • Calculation of structural fill placed on a new road

What are the Benefits of a Volumetric Survey?

Precise volumetric surveys help ensure you have enough material to cover a particular area or provide an accurate record of your inventory.
With this information on hand before and during a project, a company can:

  • Compare earthworks quantities and plans to calculate project costs at the design stage accurately
  • Calculate the volume of stockpiles, backfilled areas, and open excavations to analyze and balance cut or fill quantities
  • Evaluate what resources and skills you need for successful and cost-effective import or removal of materials from the site
  • Work out the airspace remaining in a landfill
  • Calculate the water capacity of a dam
  • Determine the amount of material you have removed from a quarry

Our ability to employ all of our advanced technology allows us to tailor our volumetric survey solutions to your project’s exact requirements.  
Whether you have a few stockpiles or a large earth-moving project,
contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about our
volumetric measurement and reporting capabilities.