Government Projects

Winter Village at Bryant Park

New York, NY

Bryant Park is a 9.5-acre park known for its beautiful lawn, carousel, gardens, shops, and seating areas.  Every fall Bryant Park is transformed into the Winter Village. The lawn is replaced with an ice-skating rink, and the park is lined with enclosed retail kiosks. Over the years, Control Point Associates, Inc. has been contracted to aid in the seasonal transformation of the park every October. Performing survey services to help transform the park into the Winter Village.

Survey tasks include:

  • Establishing Horizontal and Vertical Control.
  • Setting elevations to regrade the lawn to accommodate the Ice Skating Rink.
  • Laying out the positions for overhead lighting.
  • Laying out the positions of the Kiosks so they can be erected properly.

In the spring when the Winter Village is disassembled, Control Point survey teams re-establish the grading.