Environmental Projects

Chem-Fab Superfund Site

Doylestown, PA

From 1965-1994, the company operated an electroplating and metal processing facility and would dispose of processing chemicals on-site. Groundwater underlying the property is contaminated with metals, volatile organic compounds, as well as chemicals commonly found in solvents and degreasers. The 5 block by 5 block Chem-Fab Corporation Superfund Site was added to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List of most hazardous waste sites in 2008. Control Point provided reports with Northings, Eastings and Elevations on NAD83 and NGVD29 datums as part of an EPA study to clean up soil/site contamination of the superfund site. Control Point located existing and recently installed monitoring wells with GPS and provided coordinates and elevations on the PA State Plane Coordinate System.

Services Provided:

  • Boundary and Topographic Survey
  • Roadway Topographic Survey
  • Set Property Corners